App: NewTimetableNotes – Notes in Tables, Simple Timetable, Weekly plan / Weekly planner. (Table “lite” App)


Free Notes in slightly smaller Tables / Spreadsheets, Simple Timetable, Weekly planner, Schedule. You can simply touch the Table and start writing immediately.

Create simple, slightly smaller Tables for Notes.
But for example you can also use the Tables for a simple Timetable / Schedule, Weekly plan or Work plan.

You have absolute freedom in what you write in the Tables. There are no restrictions.
You just need to touch the table fields and you can write in the fields immediately.

There are also two small table templates.
One Template is for a simple Timetable/Schedule. The other one is for a simple Weekly plan / Weekly planner.
But of course you can also start with an empty table.

Example Timetable:
Simply touch the table fields and write the desired school subject, or other notes, directly into a field.
The table templates are created in such a way that you have absolute freedom and can enter everything.

Furthermore, the handling is generally simple and easy. You can also change the Appearance of the App with different color settings if you wish. The App is suitable for Smartphones and Tablets.


  • Empty Table for your own Notes, Plans etc.
  • Templates for a simple Timetable, Weekly plan / Weekly planner, Schedule. Can also be used as a Work plan.
  • Minimalistic and simple, for an easy usage.
  • Pdf Function / Table.
  • Different languages (English, German, Spanish).
  • Different theme colors.
  • Night mode/Darkmode.
  • Can also be used offline.
  • Completely free of charge. Without in-app purchases.
  • Optimized for Smartphones and Tablets.
  • Few and not disturbing advertisements.


Download Link for the App NewTimetableNotes:

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